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wow life will be no more.

Posted on 2007.08.01 at 01:59
So forever now i have been a strong believer in the end is 2012 and now i have bee n told by a friend that this is true and im was allways sure of it but all this shit he told mme.... OK so the planets will aline on dec 21 2012. So when this happens our solar system will push us into the low part of our galaxy.. Therefore make our magnetic poles completly switch. If this happens all the positively charger earths crust will start to move to the other side. So massive earthquakes, volcanoes, maybe ever gaps in dry land millions of miles deep will open up... Theres all this proof of Nostradomiss stoping his philosophy on this date. Aztec callender.. other contries aswell. So im freakin. IM so convinsed. But hey im galibale. ill be shit faced stoned high on heroin and srooms and acid all of it shit the dya before ppl join me.

Klaus Nomi

Posted on 2007.07.31 at 01:28
OMg so i was watching sundance and it was this crazy guy from the 80s in holland or some shit check it the best shit ever...


Posted on 2007.07.29 at 01:02
Sand caastles was so cool i hung out with my bad ass fam... theb i hung out with my other bad ass fam. had a bunch of fuckiun fun watched this bad ass metal band down the street from ericas aunts house bad ass band everyone of them extremly hot omg. anyway i got in a fight with this guy and knocked his ass out... fuckin punk ass tryed to disrespect my cousins pad and i wasnt havein it so i tryed talking but he woulodnt have it..... so it came down to me knockin him on his ass. but all in all i had a great time.... thanx to all of you. see you tomarow.

Its been awile..

Posted on 2007.07.26 at 20:44
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Im Not writing as much as i used to... but i do have a pena and pad and a new found or should i say revisted freedom. I hae been painting alot latley. I love "No Reservations with Anthony Bordane".... omg such a good show.. So since i have no time everyone should hang out ...... "COURTNEY" damn you i call you all the time call me asap, anyway... everyoneelse call me whenever im havein a great fuckin week.... i need to get drunk agian so much fun have not been that drunk in awhile... love you guys.

To worlds End

Posted on 2007.05.29 at 13:32
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Current Music: silencea negouwa
if you go see one movie this year go see PIRATES... That movie was made for the theater... fuckin epic as all hell. Funny but on the edge of your seat aswell. god stuff.. I might have been an hour late for work but thats ok i didnt care and i made up some bullshit story that my dads car broke down.. Anyway it was great Thank you to katy for the free passes or i would have never seen it. OMG i am so hungry ill talk to you niggas later.

Strange days

Posted on 2007.05.21 at 23:52
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Current Music: silencea negouwa
so im goin to take you on a wild ride through san diego....

1. I wake up and do everything i need to to go to work... ok so i go to the bus stop wait for the bus get on get on the trolley... and my ipod dies... fuckin forgot to charge it.

2. Everytime i dont have my ipod or it dies on me i end up meeting the weridest ppl and these ppl aren't good weird annoying weird. One guy is at the wrong stop.... hes been here 2 weeks... know ppl that are friends but not friends cuz hes only known them 2 weeks..oh ya hes homelss and lives at some shelter... hes being really stupid... saying thing stupid popmus ppl say...

3. i get off the trolley and theres the museum of art or something anyway.... theres this huge nose with hairs stiking out of one nostrole but its not dont at least i think its not done.

4. I get to work and the front kitchen is being remodled and no one told anyone it was goin to happen... it fuck with the new job i "HAD" (we'll talk about that later).....

5. I'm done with work and i run into some crazy ass chick at the trolley with the cops and she was so fucked up .......homeless drunks...... anyway... she kept trying to get up and she was kind of large so it was hard for her anyway let alone being tottaly shit faced. but the cops wouldn't let her up cuz she wouold have ate shit so the trolley comes and im getting on it and i see her try to get up and run for the trolley and she makes about 2 steps and eat shit right infront of the window i was sitting in and "i started to laugh"..... old lady style

6. some other lady had her headset to her phone in her ear and yet she was still holding the phone in her hand the whole time she was sitting on the trolley... the point of a headset is to let go of the phone.. am i wrong.


So i no longer am doin the full time mule work at anthoneys anymore im goin back to being a host tomarow. thank god that shit was for the birds...

in good news im goin to start to lear hw to play the drums.... thanks erica

The new jobs a BITCH

Posted on 2007.05.12 at 23:51
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Current Music: silencea negouwa
so id ont know if you know but i know that i just recently became a "carry" -i'll break it down like this... Theres 5 stations and thers 3 bussers for each station. So all the busser in one station take all the dirty dishes to these big trays at their station... I come and get all the dirty dishes at each station... and then i bring them clean ones. So thats my job i get an hour break but other then that i dont stop i am always on the move.... and its hard gross work.... So heres the up side... My first day i made 8 hours of work witch comes out to 60 bucks then i made 30 bucks in tips... so i make almost 100 dollars a day.... withch is the shit and even though its hard its good money so we'll see what i feel like by the end of the week.... as long as i have a joint waitin for me ounce i get off im good.

when to the mesusm of photo

Posted on 2007.05.09 at 12:51
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Current Music: Jefferson Airplane
i went with syd and trever and it was great.... we saw all these cool ass pictures and meet so weird ppl almost went home with a cute ass dog and did allot of shit i had never done in san diego ae balboe park.... I never walk across that birdge by the rose gardden adn the fountian.... i never road on a double bus. And wile on this double bus and black man with no teeth but like 4 back teeth and a ragadie ass had a brand new tennis racket in a brand new nice sprots bag new shoes nice tennis cloths and a nice fm tunner.... so he turns to me and syd and then all the other ppl on the bus and points and yells and you and you and you and you.... but it was to the song he was listing to.. then he turns to my and says "where you from?" IM like "IB" hes all "oh ya IB i'ev been down there nice place." thats it after he just sat there calmly the rest of the ride. Then a homless couple offered me and syd there freind dog cuz she was in jail for like 6 years.... great day thought syd has a bunch of pics i want... ill post them later.. but i was so impacted by this pictuer it was at the museum.

NO more NO more

Posted on 2007.05.05 at 23:00
Fuck waking up at 7 in the morning when you didnt eve have to work till 5.... but i had to go to a store meetting. And it sucked all the Downtown crue.... "us"...... Where fuckin around not takeing it seriously.... but we work and the others form chula vista and la masa they dont work... they dont get busy like us... but i have to go agian in the morning so ill make it sort... tyyt.....

by the way this is all for you... all??????